Saturday, January 30, 2010

Being a spy

This paper was made for you that might have been a little suspicious of their partner (wife / husband / boyfriend), but this we can only spy on the incoming sms to a mobile phone partner

The point is how we can read and know all the sms from your mobile phone into a person (girlfriend), wherever they are without any distance limitations.

This began ngetrend tapping sound from the KPK has captured a lot of reported corrupt in a way to tap the phones of the embezzler. While we will discuss the conditions are still in small scale facilities, ie intercepting sms someone. So we will know what sms entered without the knowledge of the victim. This method is suitable for you to suspect your spouse is cheating, so you know the truth. But this way is actually a way to switch on mobile sms second (if you have two phone) to the main phone.

The way it works is straightforward and simple. That is, all the sms in the existing will be done automatically forwarding process (forwarding) to mobile sms purpose, without any log sms out. That victims do not become suspicious. Please note, this program works with victims pulse, so credit will be reduced each victim there sms into his mobile phone.

Software name is sms forwarding, which works on phones with Symbian operating system. For java operating systems not supported by this software. This software already exists in three versions of Symbian, so for nokia in general this software may be used. To link the appropriate type of mobile phone with this phone please read it here from the source. click here

iPhone Support Microsoft Office Property Bill Gates

Steven Elop from Microsoft indicates that Microsoft is developing Office for the iPhone. Although the Apple handset's features terebut to view office documents by default, but not the ability to edit the document is a shortage of iPhones. Then, will the Office for the iPhone will actually become reality?

With the presence of iPhone OS 3.0 and SDK 2.0, Apple's software allows developers to bring advanced applications made for that platform. Microsoft itself had mentioned the possibility of Office will be made for the iPhone a year ago. End of March 2008, Tom Gibbons from Microsoft mentioned that his company was considering Office for the iPhone. Very important for us to find out what we represent on the iPhone, Gibbons said when it was like VIVAnews quotes from TGDaily, 8 April 2009. Apple users in order to extend Office applications such as on the Mac, we're working it, Gibbons said.

Since revealing this, Microsoft did not confirm or deny the rumors about the Office for the iPhone.

The presence of the application to edit documents on the iPhone is very important. Currently Google already has Google Docs that can be used to edit a spreadsheet document, though not able to edit text documents. QuickOffice is also an interesting alternative, although not as exciting as artificial Documents To Go DataViz will soon come. The software can be used to edit Word files, Excel, and PowerPoint. Thus, there is no reason for Microsoft to not immediately make Office for iPhone.

Sebaga information, Microsoft is the largest software developer for Apple Mac, and the tradition, selling Office for Mac is very good. The reason is, the percentage of Mac users in the community who purchased the original software is much higher than Windows-based PC users.

(Source: VIVAnews.Com)

Triks and tips Blackberry Optimization (Setting Memory and Battery)

Most people would already have a smart phone like the BlackBerry, well here I'll try to tell you tips on how to optimize your smart phone called the BlackBerry.

. Battery Optimization

- LED indicator lights turn off (red and green lights that kelip2). The use of attractive light, but it actually takes power from the battery.

- Meminimalis voice alerts. Sound enough SMS, Phone, BB Messenger, or calls that are considered important. So all is not necessary activated.

- Backlight Brightness of minus and change it into Time Out. Brightness setting standards in each BB device is 100. Can be changed to 80 or 90 who you think feels quite comfortable in the room.

2. Memory Optimization

- Restart your Blackberry, remove the battery if necessary. With this step, you have it refresh the device again. Be recommended 1 times a day.

- Remove or uninstall option that did not use the language, remove the program or applications that was never used by Device Manager. Typically, the default setting of RIM is still a lot of language choices.

If your BlackBerry device is not ideal, you should update the latest firmware from the official website of the site operator or RIM.

Some tips for BlackBerry users who frequently travel abroad. There are some things that need to be considered by the user of Blackberry before traveling (abroad) so that his bill does not BB swollen.

- Activate Wi-Fi. Turn off your BlackBerry data services if you do not want your bill swollen. If no Wi-Fi;
- Just enable personal e-mail only.
- Do not open the mailing list.
- Do not open the Contact list on the various types of Instant Messenger (YM, MSN Live, etc.).
- Do not be too often send and receive large capacity files.

Well, besides that, there is one thing which he said should be Blackberry owners before they travel abroad.
Search roaming partner of the BlackBerry service that we use. For example, you want to travel to Thailand. Before leaving, you should contact your operator customer service. Then ask, if they cooperate with one operator in Thailand. If there is, you do not have to worry about bills swell over the BlackBerry there. Good luck with tips and triks Blackberry Blackberry above and Go ... ... ..!!!!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Phone Tutorial

This is the trick axis unlimited free internet which is how to go-which spread to both kaskus or blogs to personal property of people. But than you have to headache, dizziness loading via search engine, there is that I copy-paste setinganya here. Next axis tricks that I am a free copy-paste from the blog gilagratisan. Hopefully that has not been useful to know

1. Login APN = pake axis, axis = user name, password = 123456
2. Install program Proxifier download here ya
3. Setting proxy in proxifier axis with the standard ip port 8080 select HTTPS
4. In the DNS settings in proxifier select remotely
5. Proxification rulesnya select Process All except the folowing + manually proxified
After proxifier install ok skrg toonel can be downloaded here / downloads.html
On settingan toonel choice dikosongin aja set proxy settings to be mapped In the hostname and go to the local port 8080 on the web interface go port 7999
After all ok now living in the proxy settings mozzila ato firefox internet explorer
Setting proxynya go port 8080
Do not forget toonel need the java runtime to run it but I do want a toonel, ONSPEED atu a nitrous oxide can also have accounts emang kalo ..
Condition tricks axis unlimited free Internet phone is a must under the 1000, I do not balance eaten by kmu akan axis. I need in a grace period can also be.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tricks paste CDMA number into GSM number

HandPhone technology CDMA and GSM sometimes makes people confused to choose which one, on the one hand, CDMA is known for operational costs (bacaulsa) which is cheaper, but on the other hand the benefits of GSM have a broader scope.

This trick is old, but perhaps only a few know and usually most people just counter HP alone. But because this trick really is not a big secret (TOP SECRET) that only certain people who should know, then I'll reveal it here.

Benefits that can be obtained by inserting a number of CDMA to GSM numbers are:
HP GSM will have 2 numbers in one Mobile.
Your HP will be contacted locally even over the phone could coin.
Number of local CDMA you can still be reached even if located outside the region.
No need to buy HP CDMA to use CDMA number.
But this is not without its weaknesses and limitations:
Your local CDMA numbers can only be used to receive a phone call, while the function to call, send and receive SMS still handled by the GSM number.
However pulse CDMA numbers remain to be filled even if not used, because the number of CDMA may not work if burnt or empty pulses.
Airtime charge is deducted directly from the pulse CDMAnya although only just received the phone.
But at least this can not trick you dimanfaatin for the busy and should be mobile to other regions, or to stay keep in touch at home or vacation home.

Which should be prepared as follows:
HP GSM and GSM number of course to add CDMA number.
HP CDMA Ruim preferably with Dual Band facility that uses cards instead of the injek) such as: Nokia 2115, 6015, 6016, 6585, etc.. And do not need to buy, because it only used briefly wrote, the same can pinjem brother, temen, neighbors or the place where he bought CDMA number.
Prime CDMA card, select the appropriate to the paste into your GSM number.
Star One to: Mentari, IM3, and Matrix
Flexy for: Sympathy, U.S. Cards, Hello Card
Esia for: Sympathy, U.S. Card, Card Hello and XL
Election cards must be really fit, if not then this trick will not work.

How to paste:
Enter a CDMA SIM Card which has been bought into HP CDMA.
Perform Activation
For Star One:
Press * 92 + your HP number (No. HP GSM want inserted) for example: * 92081512345678
Press OK / Yes .. then listen
Having finished his closing HP CDMA
In the test by calling the No. CDMA, if the ring is the HP GSM means you have succeeded!!
To Flexy:
Press * 71 + your HP number (No. HP GSM want inserted) for example: * 7108125712345
Press OK / Yes and listen ...
Having finished his closing HP CDMA
In the test by calling the No.CDMA, if your GSM HP rings, then you have succeeded!!
To Esia:
Press * 12 + your HP number (No. HP GSM want inserted) for example: * 12081612345678
Press OK / Yes and listen ...
After completion of his HP CDMA tutuh
In the test again with a call to the No.CDMA, if your GSM HP rings, then you've done it!!
Not difficult, more or less like a fill pulse of the vouchers that we buy it.

At some point we may want to return the card into a CDMA number of origin to be used in HP CDMA, the following ways to return it.
For Star One
Press * 920
Press OK / Yes and listen ...
When finished close
In the test with a call to the CDMA number, if HP CDMA rings, then the number has returned to the original card.
To Flexy
Press * 710
Press OK / Yes and listen ...
When finished close
In the test with a call to the CDMA number, if HP CDMA rings, then the number has returned to the original card.
To Esia
Press * 120
Press OK / Yes and listen ...
When finished close
In the test with a call to the CDMA number, if HP CDMA rings, then the number has returned to the original card.
Disclaimer: Just for fun, immediately wrote a try, if you can not do not blame andi .. hehehe

Good luck, may be useful.


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