Saturday, January 30, 2010

Being a spy

This paper was made for you that might have been a little suspicious of their partner (wife / husband / boyfriend), but this we can only spy on the incoming sms to a mobile phone partner

The point is how we can read and know all the sms from your mobile phone into a person (girlfriend), wherever they are without any distance limitations.

This began ngetrend tapping sound from the KPK has captured a lot of reported corrupt in a way to tap the phones of the embezzler. While we will discuss the conditions are still in small scale facilities, ie intercepting sms someone. So we will know what sms entered without the knowledge of the victim. This method is suitable for you to suspect your spouse is cheating, so you know the truth. But this way is actually a way to switch on mobile sms second (if you have two phone) to the main phone.

The way it works is straightforward and simple. That is, all the sms in the existing will be done automatically forwarding process (forwarding) to mobile sms purpose, without any log sms out. That victims do not become suspicious. Please note, this program works with victims pulse, so credit will be reduced each victim there sms into his mobile phone.

Software name is sms forwarding, which works on phones with Symbian operating system. For java operating systems not supported by this software. This software already exists in three versions of Symbian, so for nokia in general this software may be used. To link the appropriate type of mobile phone with this phone please read it here from the source. click here


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