Saturday, January 30, 2010

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Steven Elop from Microsoft indicates that Microsoft is developing Office for the iPhone. Although the Apple handset's features terebut to view office documents by default, but not the ability to edit the document is a shortage of iPhones. Then, will the Office for the iPhone will actually become reality?

With the presence of iPhone OS 3.0 and SDK 2.0, Apple's software allows developers to bring advanced applications made for that platform. Microsoft itself had mentioned the possibility of Office will be made for the iPhone a year ago. End of March 2008, Tom Gibbons from Microsoft mentioned that his company was considering Office for the iPhone. Very important for us to find out what we represent on the iPhone, Gibbons said when it was like VIVAnews quotes from TGDaily, 8 April 2009. Apple users in order to extend Office applications such as on the Mac, we're working it, Gibbons said.

Since revealing this, Microsoft did not confirm or deny the rumors about the Office for the iPhone.

The presence of the application to edit documents on the iPhone is very important. Currently Google already has Google Docs that can be used to edit a spreadsheet document, though not able to edit text documents. QuickOffice is also an interesting alternative, although not as exciting as artificial Documents To Go DataViz will soon come. The software can be used to edit Word files, Excel, and PowerPoint. Thus, there is no reason for Microsoft to not immediately make Office for iPhone.

Sebaga information, Microsoft is the largest software developer for Apple Mac, and the tradition, selling Office for Mac is very good. The reason is, the percentage of Mac users in the community who purchased the original software is much higher than Windows-based PC users.

(Source: VIVAnews.Com)


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