Friday, January 29, 2010

Phone Tutorial

This is the trick axis unlimited free internet which is how to go-which spread to both kaskus or blogs to personal property of people. But than you have to headache, dizziness loading via search engine, there is that I copy-paste setinganya here. Next axis tricks that I am a free copy-paste from the blog gilagratisan. Hopefully that has not been useful to know

1. Login APN = pake axis, axis = user name, password = 123456
2. Install program Proxifier download here ya
3. Setting proxy in proxifier axis with the standard ip port 8080 select HTTPS
4. In the DNS settings in proxifier select remotely
5. Proxification rulesnya select Process All except the folowing + manually proxified
After proxifier install ok skrg toonel can be downloaded here / downloads.html
On settingan toonel choice dikosongin aja set proxy settings to be mapped In the hostname and go to the local port 8080 on the web interface go port 7999
After all ok now living in the proxy settings mozzila ato firefox internet explorer
Setting proxynya go port 8080
Do not forget toonel need the java runtime to run it but I do want a toonel, ONSPEED atu a nitrous oxide can also have accounts emang kalo ..
Condition tricks axis unlimited free Internet phone is a must under the 1000, I do not balance eaten by kmu akan axis. I need in a grace period can also be.


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