Saturday, January 30, 2010

Triks and tips Blackberry Optimization (Setting Memory and Battery)

Most people would already have a smart phone like the BlackBerry, well here I'll try to tell you tips on how to optimize your smart phone called the BlackBerry.

. Battery Optimization

- LED indicator lights turn off (red and green lights that kelip2). The use of attractive light, but it actually takes power from the battery.

- Meminimalis voice alerts. Sound enough SMS, Phone, BB Messenger, or calls that are considered important. So all is not necessary activated.

- Backlight Brightness of minus and change it into Time Out. Brightness setting standards in each BB device is 100. Can be changed to 80 or 90 who you think feels quite comfortable in the room.

2. Memory Optimization

- Restart your Blackberry, remove the battery if necessary. With this step, you have it refresh the device again. Be recommended 1 times a day.

- Remove or uninstall option that did not use the language, remove the program or applications that was never used by Device Manager. Typically, the default setting of RIM is still a lot of language choices.

If your BlackBerry device is not ideal, you should update the latest firmware from the official website of the site operator or RIM.

Some tips for BlackBerry users who frequently travel abroad. There are some things that need to be considered by the user of Blackberry before traveling (abroad) so that his bill does not BB swollen.

- Activate Wi-Fi. Turn off your BlackBerry data services if you do not want your bill swollen. If no Wi-Fi;
- Just enable personal e-mail only.
- Do not open the mailing list.
- Do not open the Contact list on the various types of Instant Messenger (YM, MSN Live, etc.).
- Do not be too often send and receive large capacity files.

Well, besides that, there is one thing which he said should be Blackberry owners before they travel abroad.
Search roaming partner of the BlackBerry service that we use. For example, you want to travel to Thailand. Before leaving, you should contact your operator customer service. Then ask, if they cooperate with one operator in Thailand. If there is, you do not have to worry about bills swell over the BlackBerry there. Good luck with tips and triks Blackberry Blackberry above and Go ... ... ..!!!!!!


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