Wednesday, February 3, 2010

HP Tablet PC release will be an iPod competitor

Here's the latest Tablet PC HP's output will also be competition from Apple iPad. Reportedly, Tablet PC HP nicknamed Slate previously had exhibited in the 2010 CES show some time ago, has now officially launched to the market.

Not wanting to miss the launch of Apple's newest Tablet PC with the name iPad, a manufacturer of electronic devices from the United States, Hewlett Packard or HP is usually called the official release also has a new Tablet PC that is not less powerful than rival Tablet PC output.

HP Slate, so as to bind on the latest Tablet PC HP output. According to information, HP Slate developed together with Microsoft Corp. brings touchscreen display (Capacitive finger) and also Windows-based operating system 7.

In addition, HP menawrkan Slate also features no less interesting, ranging from the USB port, a webcam and a few other features that are available on the Tablet PC in general.

To measure, Slate HP also offers a form that is very thin and portable. So you can easily menentengnya wherever you like.

But unfortunately, though it was officially released to the market, until now we have not managed to get information about prices dibandrol on the Tablet PC is HP's latest output. Even so, according to information now circulating, large kamungkinan HP Slate with a low enough price, and will enter the ranks Tablet PC low-end. (Andiwonkz / various sources)

Source: CBN


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