Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What's New at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

international electronics exhibition held last January in Las Vegas, United States, now turn to Mobile World Congress (MWC), the annual meeting for industry mobile technology devices, will be held in the middle of this month. The event in Barcelona, Spain, that would be followed more than 1,300 companies displaying the latest products and technologies.

It was no exaggeration if one is called Mobile World Congress is an event that will determine the future of mobile device technology in the world. How important this event for the development of mobile technology can be seen from the implementation of MWC 2009, which was held in the month and at the same place, and attended by at least 47 thousand professionals from 182 countries. As many as 9000 of them represent network operators from around the world.

Large celebration was held in the next 15-18 Februari it's not just the exhibition of the latest products. For four days, the Mediterranean-style town that will host the leaders of the mobile device vendors to meet each other, collaborate, and even establish a business partnership. The event was also held series of discussions and seminars to discuss the future of the mobile world. By the celebration in Barcelona, the variety of information has been circulated. Here's some information on them.


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