Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Safety Tips cell phone in Public Places

MORE sophisticated technology, crime rates increased, too. Theft of a mobile phone or mobile phone (hp) is a form of crime that often occurs in public places. In addition to its small, stolen mobile phones are also easy to sell.

To avoid mode phone theft crimes, the media will give a tip travelista safe for you.

1. Specifically for pedestrians, do not ever use the phone in public places, such as markets, bus stops, seaports, shopping malls, terminals and so forth. It was attempted to prevent the operational target of the perpetrators.

2. Do not open the car window when using the phone, especially at a red light or being jammed. Also, avoid deserted areas, even if you do not open the car window. This aims to avoid criminal behavior

3. Keep your phone safe place and do not be left in the dash board or seat.

4. For motorcycle riders, should be more careful when lifting the phone because of the possibility of the mugger and thief are monitoring you.

5. Let the position of ring tones in silent and vibrate when in a crowd. If there miscall, you can call back


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